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Thông số sản phẩm

Common Question

Question 1

Where is your factory? How large is your scale?

Our factory is located. Zhejiang Province, China. And Guangdong Province. We cover an area of 200000 square meters. We produce 100000 cups per day and have 50 fully automated production lines. More than 500 skilled workers.

Question 2

What guarantee do you have for placing an order so far away. How to ensure the safety of our goods to our country. How can you guarantee the quality of your products? How to ensure the security of our funds.

Please rest assured about this. We China. The legal system is particularly sound now. Becoming one of the safest countries in the world. We have a business license issued by the Chinese government. If we haven't done enough, we can sue us through legal means. Please note that we can attach the English version of our business license here. We can sign it. The commercial version of the purchase contract.

Question 3

Which large Fortune 500 companies have your Chinese factory cooperated with.

Our factory is in partnership with Coca Cola Company. Adidas Nike. Mercedes Benz and Porsche have both had co branded cups. Long term. Maintaining good cooperation. Remarks. A Coca Cola cup. As a case study. Think about it, are there any other cups that can also be put on.

Question 4

Can we cooperate with your factory to place an order and see the sample first before placing it? Otherwise, we won't be too confident.

You can rest assured about this. No matter where you are in the world. We can all send you samples for free. Samples are free of charge. As long as you provide a shipping fee, that's all. After showing you the sample and being satisfied, place an order.

Question 5

Are your products expensive? Is the quality good?

We in China have now become a contract manufacturer for the world cup industry. 80% of cups in the world are made in China. The price of the product is 2/3 cheaper than those purchased in Europe and America. We use high-quality 304 and 316 environmentally friendly stainless steel. Plastic. The Pp section uses environmentally friendly materials. Passing the testing standards of the European Union. Please rest assured about this.

Question 6

What is your payment method?

Pay a 30% to 50% deposit first and sign a business contract. The remaining balance shall be paid before shipment.

Question 7

What is the entire process of your order like?

1 is to confirm the sample. After the sample is suitable. Sign a purchase contract. Confirm the quantity and place the order. Pay 50% deposit first. After the goods are completed. Customers can invite a third-party company to inspect the goods, or we can take a video inspection. Pay the remaining balance after passing the inspection. We use logistics to deliver the goods to the local port for customs clearance. After completing the customs declaration. Load and unload onto the ship. Send it directly. 3 customers are at the local port. Just pick up the goods directly.

Question 8

We make the payment. What bank is used to transfer money to your factory.

Usually, we use TT. Both Western Uion Bank and LC transfer are acceptable. You can also use it. Conventional usage methods.

Question 9

Your product has been damaged during transportation. How to solve it?

Please rest assured of this. We offer compensation and replacement for all damages. And then when we ship again. Provide customers with free extra cups based on 1% of the spare parts.

Question 10

We have received a large quantity of your products to our country and feel that there is a quality issue with the products. What should I do?

Please rest assured about this. If there are any product issues. Quality issues. We can. Returns and exchanges are guaranteed. Or we can make a new batch for you and send it over again. We are China. A company that provides OEM services to Fortune 500 companies is a company that values integrity and practicality.

Question 11

How many cups do you start wholesale and customization in your factory?

Our factory usually customizes and wholesales in large quantities. Generally, it is a minimum of 500 for customization and wholesale. If there is stock available, 200 pieces are also acceptable.

Question 12

What is the production cycle of your product?

We usually make 20000 to 50000 cups. It can be completed in 15 to 20 days. We can produce 100000 cups in about a month.

Question 13

How to sign a business contract to ensure the effectiveness and security of customers.

We sign a business contract. We are from China. The official seal recognized by the state. Your rights are only protected by the law. You also affix your national seal. This has binding power for both parties. It is a complete contract.

Question 14

I feel that your product description is not specific and detailed enough.

Because we have many products. Unable to provide a very detailed description. You can always contact our customer service for this. Or consult us on WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can contact us via email.

Question 15

How much does your product cost per unit? Is there room for negotiation if the quantity is large?

Our products have different styles and prices. Our prices are 2/3 cheaper than those in Europe and America. And ensure quality and quantity. If there are more than 20000 products. We can offer even more discounts. Contact our customer service at that time.

Question 16

Is it long for logistics to reach the customer's country? What is the cost?

The usual time for sea freight is. About 15 to 20 days. The price is usually one cup. About 0.15 US dollars. Which specific country do you see. Air transportation will be more expensive. Generally, we. If the items are not urgent, they will be shipped by sea.

Question 17

Can you provide a direct quotation. The price to our local port. This way, we feel more grounded.

No problem. At that time. We can give you a quote like this. Let you save a lot of trouble with intermediate customs clearance and logistics. You can pick up the goods directly at the port. The trouble lies with our factory.


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